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What Guests Want to Know

Published on April 21, 2015 by Nethers

It’s no surprise that location is everything for guests who book with Forest Cove Getaways. But what was surprising for us was the conundrum this topic created in our recent post ‘What guests really want’. On one hand there’s travelers: they want to know everything about where they’re going right away—it helps them decide where to book and plan their trip. On the other hand there’s hosts, many of whom naturally want to maintain privacy, especially before a booking is confirmed, and others that want to share every last detail right away.

Is there a way to convey the location details a guest wants without leaving the host feeling over-exposed? We think so. Let this checklist be your guide and everybody wins.


Tips from your Hosts

Inquire about recommendations early to allow you and your guests to plan your trip.

Booking with Juniper Adventures is a great way to travel through Franklin, get recommendations, and try new experiences.

We’re happy to be personable—we’ll recommend things we actually do ourselves and places we like to go. A concierge might provide recommendations based on what they think an average tourist might like, but our tips can be more personable.

We’ve received great reviews and feedback like this:

“Our host’s tips about cheap food and other things to see nearby were right on. We’ll definitely be back again!”

“I am pretty widely traveled and fairly independent with it, meaning normally I like to figure things out myself, but there is no question: our host added great value to my experience.”

As a trip approaches, anxiety increases for guests. Where do I need to go? How do I get there? How do I plan what to do on my trip? Put your mind at ease, simply get in touch with our team at Forest Cove Getaways and we’ll be happy to answer any and all questions. You can even book an adventure with Juniper Adventures onsite!

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