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How to Make The Most Out Of Your Trip

Published on April 21, 2015 by Nethers

Jerry put together some easy steps every guest can follow to prevent hosting your family on vacation from becoming more of a chore than a reward.

“Some of our most enthusiastic guests are so dedicated to their guests having an exceptional stay that they’re challenged to find their own time and resources for themselves,” says Jerry. “They’re givers and sometimes givers swing too far into that giving activity.”

Determine your goals

Are you vacationing primarily to relax? For companionship? To create more art or share the meals you enjoy preparing? Then it’s important to recognize and feel good about how vacationing aligns with and supports these goals. For Jerry, Forest Cove Getaways hosting started as a means to relax. He says that initial goal has evolved into being able to provide a great, affordable place to stay in the highly coveted Great Smoky Mountain range and give guests the opportunity to live the luxury of the mountains. “I’m proud to be able to share that.”

Surround yourself with resources

And by resources, Jerry means those you enjoy and can rely on when, for instance, “you need to change a tire 6 miles from the nearest bend of receoption.” This includes a community of friends, family that you get along with, or make the most with your favorite cohorts; the key is, travel with those who you can take a step back and relax alongside when the chores are done and the fun is beginning.

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